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Trauma Healing Intensive

Harness the power of the brain to heal trauma. The 2-day Trauma Healing Intensive offers a powerful journey toward emotional freedom and personal restoration. Click below for more information.


Erica Smith, M.Div, MA, ALC completed her Masters of Divinity in 2016 from Samford University and her Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Colorado Christian University in 2023. She is an Associate Licensed Counselor in Birmingham, AL as well as a life consultant with training from BSSM and the Life Coach Training Institute. She has trauma specific training in Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Brainspotting (BSP). 


As a mental health counselor and freelance consultant, she helps adults get out of the bed in the morning and enjoy their life again. Together, she collaborates with clients to regulate emotional distress and answer the question, "why is this still causing pain?" Using trauma-informed modalities like Internal Family Systems, somatic awareness and brainspotting, she works with clients to decrease panic, address intrusive thoughts, heal emotional distress and flashbacks of traumatic experiences. As clients make sense of their story, they create a life that aligns with their core sense of who they are. 


If requested, Erica can integrate mindfulness and inner healing techniques from the faith based ministries of Elijah House and SOZO in both consulting and counseling sessions. Although she has a faith-based background, she works with clients from all backgrounds and is sensitive to cultural and religious differences. She believes that through compassionate, non-judgmental exploration and a holistic approach to healing, all people can experience the freedom and wholeheartedness they were designed for. 

Specialty Areas

PTSD & Complex Trauma 

Developmental Trauma

Intimate Partner Violence

Women's Issues

Religious Trauma & Spiritual Abuse

High Control Group Recovery

Erica Smith, M.Div, MA, ALC

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