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Frequently Asked Questions
Is life consulting the same as counseling?

No. As a consultant, I work with people in various stages of growth to live a more satisfying life. Although I am a practicing counselor in AL, I am not practicing as a mental health counselor or therapist in the consulting context. If you enter the consulting process and decide you need mental health counseling, I am happy to help you find a licensed provider in your area.  Alternatively, you can travel to Alabama and participate in a trauma healing intensive.

Do you take insurance?

Because coaches/ consultants are not healthcare providers, they are not covered by any insurance company.  As an associate licensed counselor in AL, I can provide a super-bill for client to submit to their insurance company for reimbursement. All fees are out of pocket and due at the time of service. 

How much does it cost?

Counseling sessions are $115. Life consulting sessions are $150. There are sliding scale rates for BSSM students and those in vocational ministry. Please let me know if you are in that category. 

Do you work with couples, groups or teams?

Yes. I work with couples and groups on communication skills, conflict resolution and team dynamics. Rates vary depending on the size of group. Contact me for more information. 

Do you work with individuals outside of the US?

Yes. All sessions are conducted in English but I do work with individuals living abroad. As a former international missionary, I love working with individuals who are processing cross-cultural life, homesickness, team dynamics, trauma, grief, leadership growth and issues unique to those serving abroad. 

How do I set up an appointment?

You can email me at ericasmithcounseling @ indicating interest in life consulting. 

What is Brainspotting?

Brainspotting is an evidence based practice for working with beliefs, emotions and wounds associated with trauma. It uses the position of the eyes to access the subcortical part of the brain where trauma may be stored. In consulting, I use brainspotting as a way to transform beliefs and previous woundings that may be inhibiting you from living the life you were created for. You can find out more on the Brainspotting page of my website. 

Will I benefit more from a
2-day intensive than weekly sessions?

The intensive model of trauma healing is a preference for some clients. This model provides a unique approach to healing trauma in a short amount of time. Some clients find that dedicating 2 full days to healing gain a greater benefit than doing 6 months of weekly sessions. This is also a cost effective way to gain ground if you have felt stuck or frustrated with the work you've already done. Many factors impact the outcome of an intensive- the ability of the individual to address difficult subject matter, the complexity of trauma and the neuro-network of the individual brain. Results vary based on the individual and Erica does not guarantee a particular outcome from this dedicated space. 

I struggle to talk when addressing trauma. Can I still find healing?

Yes! When the nervous system engages in the fight/ flight/ freeze/ fawn response, many people find it difficult to verbalize what is happening for them or to tell their story. Brainspotting does not require you verbalize the trauma to heal from it-- the brain and nervous system engage in a healing process that you may not even be aware is happening. Research shows that this process continues for about 48 hours following a BSP session. Some BSP sessions are completely silent while others are more narrative. Both types of sessions are effective in trauma healing. 

Do you offer payment plans for intensives?

Yes, if requested in advance, Erica accepts 4 payments of $1100. Intensives are scheduled after the third payment is received. The final payment is due 2 weeks prior to the intensive.

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